Monday, 28 February 2011

A Fluttering Thought

My lips cannot speak the words
The hands leave thoughts unwritten
My heart still screams
But my brain says do not listen
So this is nothing!

I had something longer planned today but instead i give you 'A Fluttering Thought'. It's about self preservation. It is very short indeed but these thoughts have to be, so i don't linger on them.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

She is the Rain

She falls and crashes in mighty splashes
Against my window panes
She trickles, she lands, through shattered glass
Run through my floor like veins

And When rain collides with tear drops cried
The past is washed away
Through stormy skies comes sweet surprise
Her name? she is the rain

I wanted to try something which was a bit easier on the mind. Something rhythmic. It's short again but its Saturday and i could use a chill out from a stressful week. Happy weekend all!

Friday, 25 February 2011

How it felt

I forgot how she looked,
How she cried,
All I remember is her hands,
Crawling into the clasp of mine

I know how soft her skin felt,
That, I can recall,
She always wanted more,
But what i gave...was my all

This poem is a few months old. It was written after my long term girlfriend and i parted ways. It's short. But i wanted to create a feeling of curiosity and felt by keeping it short i could leave space for the imagination of someone reading it to fill in their own details. I don't want to say much but what inspired me to write this particular poem was unconditional love.

Not all my posts will be poetry. It just seems to be my theme at the moment. Sadly no picture today!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Loose Cuttings of the Great Oak

Every last tear drop has fallen
But more try to come
Dry eyes of mine gaze blankly
Looking for the ghosts to bring back the familiar

I long to hold you, my past in my arms
My beautiful memories of friendship
But time has no pity for the sad
The clock just ticks and tocks its way to the end of our time together

Time is cruel,
“Time flies when you having fun”
Time also flies when you know your going to cry by the end of the night
Unwilling to forget

My eyes are broken
Everyone is here; I’m delusional holding onto my dreams
“New friends you’ll make” HAHA!
Crowds of the unknown swallow me whole!

The white rose stands alone in the field
Each petal that falls –
Where are my friends to catch me?
I’m alone. I’m so alone

A disconsolate place of uncertainty unfolds
Revealing the vast plains of nothing
The new roots grow
To bare the fruitless search for certainty

Take me home
Take me to the ones I love
Take me to the familiar
Take me anywhere where I am known

“Weeping won’t solve anything”
For once you are right
But the weeping –
It will stop the explosion

This is the first poem I ever wrote. I was around 14-15 at the time and it was written at a very confusing period of moving on from school and a family breaking up. Which affected me to a degree i wouldn't realise until a few years later. I would just like to share it with you as a raw poem from the heart. Hopefully it isn't too cliché. One of my dreams is to someday have a poem published. 

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Love by Hafiz

Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth,
"You owe Me."

Look what happens with
A love like that,
It lights the Whole Sky. 

This was written by Hafiz and is both simple and beautiful. It is quite possibly my favorite poem/verse ever written. It speaks such volume with so few words. Sometimes we need to remember that the people who love us the most do such great things in our life which can go unnoticed. This poem is a constant reminder to appreciate those i care about the most. I hope it inspires you.

Another quick picture i knocked up.

Language & Expression

I have found that language can be such a hindrance to the whole spectrum of human emotion. My understanding of the written and spoken word shows me no sign of sympathy when trying to express the most primitive and complex feelings spewing out of my heart and mind at any thought provoking moment. Every moment of every memory is so delicate that writing a single word out of place can be truly depredating to the integrity of the memory itself. So how do i express? The question is perplexing. To recapture a moment with words, to let a whole world of emotions explode from a page and make you feel in the moment. The subtle intricacies of a memory, a feeling, are not easily shared. For example. To say someone is devastated doesn't fully impose that feeling or emotion upon a reader. As someone who has experienced such a feeling in the sense of complete heartbreak. I can say that the word itself is hollow. It is ambiguous. Without description and context the canvas is bare. When i tell someone i am devastated they don't immediately think of the overwhelming sense of self criticism and vanity, which while hard to avoid are not completely without their place. The self exploration and curiosity of ones own flaws can show you deeper causes of unhappiness, healthier ways of expressing your angst and essentially dealing with it. It brings about a cruel kind of reassurance, a confirmation of feelings you had although not always expressed, a constant reminder of loss, a clarity of your own surroundings and people who care about you. What i never foresaw was the urge to change. 

Made the picture in Photoshop in 2 minutes(You can tell!)