Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Loose Cuttings of the Great Oak

Every last tear drop has fallen
But more try to come
Dry eyes of mine gaze blankly
Looking for the ghosts to bring back the familiar

I long to hold you, my past in my arms
My beautiful memories of friendship
But time has no pity for the sad
The clock just ticks and tocks its way to the end of our time together

Time is cruel,
“Time flies when you having fun”
Time also flies when you know your going to cry by the end of the night
Unwilling to forget

My eyes are broken
Everyone is here; I’m delusional holding onto my dreams
“New friends you’ll make” HAHA!
Crowds of the unknown swallow me whole!

The white rose stands alone in the field
Each petal that falls –
Where are my friends to catch me?
I’m alone. I’m so alone

A disconsolate place of uncertainty unfolds
Revealing the vast plains of nothing
The new roots grow
To bare the fruitless search for certainty

Take me home
Take me to the ones I love
Take me to the familiar
Take me anywhere where I am known

“Weeping won’t solve anything”
For once you are right
But the weeping –
It will stop the explosion

This is the first poem I ever wrote. I was around 14-15 at the time and it was written at a very confusing period of moving on from school and a family breaking up. Which affected me to a degree i wouldn't realise until a few years later. I would just like to share it with you as a raw poem from the heart. Hopefully it isn't too cliché. One of my dreams is to someday have a poem published. 


  1. If you wrote that while you were 14, and keep going on now, I am pretty sure you can accomplish your dream of having them published. Just keep going man!

  2. its quite common for your mind to kind of be freaking out for a few years during that point in your life. it spawns a lot of great art and media, thankfully.

  3. I am now inspired to do the same.
    Thank you.

  4. time to write a song

  5. nice man keep going this stuff amazing

  6. wow, good stuff. now following.

  7. youve got some talent there. use it and make more!

  8. Very talented for a 14 year old :)

  9. As deep as it is emo. Nice work :)

  10. Very good poetry. Especially for a 14 year old.

  11. Great poem, I wish I possessed similar writing skills.

  12. Really nice poem, I'm loving all your works keep it up!

  13. aww, i really quite liked that. keep writing!

  14. Wow that's pretty impressive. Moving as well

  15. This is a great poem.
    You have the makings of a poet.

  16. I sense a tear approaching from the dephts of my soul.

  17. awesome, very talented!!! keep on

  18. if you want to get published there are a bunch of online places you can submit your work to. it's been a while since i had any links handy for it, but i'm sure you can find some. or you could always self publish a book if you have enough material.

  19. Thanks for the overwhelming amount of comments. It sure does mean a lot to me. I will look into getting this published. I just need to find who to send it to.

  20. There are poetry compilation books which pay royalties to every poet quoted in the book. They have websites to signup and submit poetry, too. It's been a while since I've done that so I don't remember where they are. But you just have to search.